Arts and Entertainment

It is our heart at Center for Prayer Mobilization to ultimately see revival in the Arts and Entertainment industry; with high priority for Hollywood, California and New York, N.Y. which are two of the major, iconic locations for the Arts and Entertainment industry. We want to see God unite the church and their congregations, as well as para-church organizations to see the A&E industry as a mission field. Our desire is that through prayer and intercession for Hollywood and other major cities, such as Nashville, New Orleans who are involved in the Arts and Entertainment industry, that the Lord would bring revival to this very influential industry.

We can accomplish this by inviting the body of Christ to pray and intercede for Christian media professionals involved in producing Godly entertainment and it is important to come alongside these individuals who are producing Godly entertainment as they attempt to get published, raise funds, and are trying to get their work distributed through ungodly systems. To uplift, in prayer, their projects that are God breathed as well as prayer for the media professional that are participating in these projects is vital.

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